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Seeds of Wisdom is a new anthology of life-lessons from the Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, of righteous memory, gleaned from the personal recollections of people from all walks of life and a myriad of backgrounds and countries of origin, as recorded in the "My Encounter with the Rebbe" oral history project, launched by Jewish Educational Media to document the untold story of the Rebbe s life stretching back to his childhood in the Tsarist Empire more than a hundred years ago.
The book is based on individual interviews, with a focus on the legendary private visits with the Rebbe, known to Chabad-Lubavitch Chassidim as yechidut, where individuals sought the Rebbe s counsel, direction and blessing in meetings, normally held as they were in the dark stillness of a Brooklyn night many years ago. The book does an excellent job of conveying that atmosphere, conjuring up a telling vividness.

Seeds of Wisdom Vol 2

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