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This is stuff you gotta read. Crucial to understand this Haggadah.

Yes, it's traditional Haggadah. It follows all the standard texts and commentaries from the whole gamut of Jewish history, like a thousand voices harmonized into a single symphony.

But that's the thing about the traditional Haggadah: you'll find everything in there - except your own voice, that you have to add yourself.

And that's vital. Because, as the Haggadah says, you have to tell this story as though it happened to you. Because, in truth, it is a story that happens to each of us in our lives.

Whis is where this particular Haggadah comes in. We haven't changed the traditional Haggadah. We've just made it easier to find yourself there.

You see, instead of simply translating the words, we followed an ancient Jewish tradition called Targum. That's when a translation lays all the context. implications and backstage story out in the open, in clear, simple language.

We also made sure to use modern language and idioms. And we did it in a way that should prove fun for all.

In fact, you could probably recite your way through this Haggadah as though you were just making it up as you went along. No one would have a clue.

The Seder table is a timeless space. The Haggadah contains the story that creates the space. With this Haggadah, you will bring that timelessness to your table and into your home.

Hyper-Modern Ancient With-It Traditional Haggadah - New Edition - Large

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