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We all search for meaning in our lives. Masters of Jewish thought such as the Maharal, Ramchal, Rav Tzadok, and the Sfas Emes provide for us deeper meaning and understanding of Torah, mitzvos, and life. Often, however, to fathom their teachings, it is necessary to have a broad knowledge and grasp of Torah and their works. Rabbi Ahron Rapps peels away the layers of darkness and shines penetrating light upon their lessons, providing his readers with a familiarity and keen awareness of their role in God’s creation. His words shine forth as a menorah on a dark night, drawing us closer to vital concepts and holy acts. Prior to when he began his weekly column on these matters in the Yated, I did not know Rabbi Rapps. I turned to our rebbi, Rabbi Moshe Shapiro, for guidance as to whether to offer him a column. He accepted responsibility for Rabbi Rapps and greatly encouraged me to publish his columns. I am confident that he and the other great rebbeim of Rabbi Rapps are celebrating the publication of this work, which serves to further dispel the darkness of the exile and will lead to the return of the great light that will shine with the coming of Mashiach speedily in our day.

Emerging From Darkness: Chanukah

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