Bring the Seder to life with the Hidary Family Edition of the Sephardic Children's Haggadah. This Haggadah teaches the child, as well as the adult, all the Seder preparations, each part of the Seder, and their meanings. The exciting pictures woven into the text of this Haggadah help your child follow along and encourage questions on the meaning of each passage. Each page is filled with information, insights, halachot and explanation of the Seder for children as well as for adults. The Sephardic Children's Haggadah was written for everyone to enjoy at their own level, from the youngest who will "read along" through the intriguing pictures, to the oldest who will appreciate the many Divrei Torah found throughout the Haggadah. Let The Sephardic Children's Haggadah take your hand and walk you through each step of the Seder. Start learning yourself, with your children or grandchildren for the seder with this Pesach Haggadah. Best-seller — now in its 4th edition! Perfect for all ages Follows customs and practices of Edot HaMizrach All Halachot and Divrei Torah are in English

The Sephardic Children’s Hagaddah